Machine conversion and Builds

I want to convert a machine to use with MASSO, will it work?

  • Unless your machine is more than 5 axis or has unusual requirements the answer is generally yes.
  • We do not know the specifics of your CNC machine, how it is wired and what hardware it has. It is the responsibility of the person converting the machine to evaluate the existing hardware for compatibility.
  • The conversion of a CNC machine needs to take into account many factors. 
  • What drives you have and what connections they have. What Spindle you have and the VFD connection.  What inputs and outputs you need. You need to evaluate each existing item to see if it conforms to the MASSO standard and replace those items that do not comply. If you are unsure about a specific piece of equipment please consult the manufacturer's documentation.

Can you supply a wiring diagram for my machine conversion?

  • MASSO does not offer a machine conversion or machine design service.
  • We do provide example wiring diagrams in our documentation. We have example wiring diagrams for a selection of stepper and servo drive types as well as spindle VFDs. 

What equipment do I need to convert my CNC machine?

To establish your requirements you need to do an inventory of what your machine currently has that you can reuse and what you would like to add.

Example of a basic mill requirements

  • MASSO G3 or MASSO Touch
  • Keyboard, Monitor and mouse if using MASSO G3, not needed for MASSO Touch
  • USB Flash drive
  • Power supply for MASSO
  • Motor drives using STEP/PULSE and DIRECTION signaling, can be stepper or servo
  • Power Supply for motor drives
  • Spindle with VFD or router
  • Homing sensors/switches, one for each axis motor
  • MASSO relay board used for external Estop to motor drives, Tower lights, etc.
  • Tool setter for auto tool zero.
  • Encoder, required for lathe when threading.
  • E-Stop Button


  • Pendant
  • Encoder for spindle (Used when threading on Lathe)

What can MASSO provide for my machine?

MASSO provides CNC controllers and the following accessories available from our web store

  • Relay module
  • DTHC Torch Height Controller for Plasma
  • Homing sensors
  • MPG Pendant
  • Optical encoder for Spindle
  • Estop switch
  • Closed loop stepper motors

We do not provide other products and you will need to source them from other suppliers which specialize in these components.