Does MASSO include a built in THC?

  • There is no built in THC but you can use the MASSO DTHC specifically designed to integrate with MASSO.
  • MASSO DTHC requires a Plasma that has a built in divider.

Does MASSO supply an THC to use with MASSO?

Yes - The MASSO DTHC is specially designed to work with the MASSO G3 & MASSO Touch

Can I use Third party THC’s with MASSO?

MASSO uses any THC’s that outputs UP / Down and Arc OK signals such as the Proma150 or Price AVHC, any system able to provide these signals can be used with MASSO.

How do I turn on the Plasma with MASSO?

An input can be designated Plasma On / Off and is used to start and stop the Plasma.

You can configure any of the MASSO G3 TTL outputs as the Plasma on/off and connect it to your Plasma via the MASSO Relay Module

What equipment do I need to convert / Build my CNC machine?

To establish your requirements you need to do an inventory of what your machine currently has that you can reuse and what you would like to add.

Example of basic Plasma requirements

  • MASSO, Keyboard, Monitor and mouse or a MASSO Touch
  • USB Flash drive
  • Power supply for MASSO
  • Motor drives using step and direction signaling
  • Power Supply for motor drives
  • Homing sensors, one for each axis motor
  • MASSO relay board used for Turning Plasma on and off, external Estop to motor drives, Tower lights, etc.
  • Plasma source


  • Pendant

Please see these pages for additional information.