Will a particular spindle work with MASSO?

  • MASSO provides a 0~10v, CW and CCW signals to control spindle speed (RPM).
  • Two open-collector optical switches for forward (clockwise) and reverse (counter-clockwise) signals.
  • If your VFD conforms to this format then MASSO will work with your spindle.


Spindle drive options

  • VFD - This would be a standard spindle drive setup with 0-10v drive signal.
  • PWM - Designed to be used with H-Bridge drives 4Khz to 65Khz with 0-100% duty cycle
  • Step and Direction - For use with servo drives using a 500hz to 25Khz step pulse rate


How do I connect my Spindle?

It is not possible to provide wiring diagrams for every VFD or provide advice on how to configure specific VFD’s. Please consult your VFD manual and VFD supplier for configuration settings.

Our documentation provides examples of some common VFDs and we have produced a step-by-step video explaining how to connect a VFD to MASSO.