Tool Changers

Will MASSO work with my machine's tool changer?

MASSO has built in a range of tool changer logic for both Mills and Lathes.  Please have a look at the current list of tool changers available and compare their logic to the logic requirements of yours to see if there is one suitable for your machine

My tool changer logic will not work with any of the current tool changer options.

If your tool changer does not conform to one of the existing tool changer logics built in to MASSO then you can contact support to see if one can be written for your tool changer type. 

You will need to supply

  • A complete explanation of how the tool changer works.
  • A description of the logic required in a  step by step format. This must include all inputs, outputs and timings.
  • A video of the tool changer in action would be helpful to understand the tool changer operation.
  • Any other information about the tool changer.