Admin and User Passwords

By default the system password is set to "HTG" (in capital letters) for both Admin and User logins.

INFORMATION: When the controller is powered up, Caps Key is enabled by default, as of v3.49 for G2 and v4.00 for G3 Caps key is not enabled.

INFORMATION: If want to lock Masso to prevent unauthorized use, Press CTRL + L and you will be prompted to re-enter the User and Admin Passwords.

Changing the User or Admin Password

  • Enter the new password up to 5 characters long in the New Password box. (Passwords are case sensitive)
  • Enter the new password again into the Confirm Password box
  • Press Ok

Removing User login

Removing Admin Login Password

It is not possible to remove the Admin Login.

The Admin Password can be set a blank just like the user password but it will not remove the login.

When you set the Admin login to blank, select the Password box press the Enter Key to login.

Resetting Passwords

    G3 Password Display Process

    G2 Reset Process