Powering MASSO-G3

CAUTION: Semiconductor parts inside the unit can be damaged by electrostatic discharge (ESD). When handling, care must be taken so that the devices are not damaged. Damage due to inappropriate handling is not covered by the warranty.

The MASSO power supply connector is located at the top-right corner of the controller as seen in the picture below. MASSO requires a power supply between 12 and 24 VDC with a minimum of 1.5 Amps output. Voltage not to exceed 25 VDC or be less than 12 VDC.

MASSO will power on instantly once power is connected.

WARNING: The installation of a 1 amp fuse between your Power Supply and MASSO is required to protect against an accidental short circuit of the auxiliary power connectors on MASSO, such an event can damage the controller beyond repair.

WARNING: The MASSO G3 power supply not to exceed 25 VDC or be less than 12 VDC.

INFORMATION: There are multiple Power (Red-colored) and Ground (Black-colored) provided on the controller and can be used to easily wire drives, sensors and switches.

Some examples:

  • The Power terminals can be used to provide voltage to sensors or switches for machine homing.
  • The Ground terminals can be used to wire common ground signals between stepper or servo motor drives.

CAUTION: When using the auxiliary Power and Ground terminals on the controller the total current draw must not exceed 500mA across all terminals. Connecting high current loads can damage the controller beyond repair.