Homing the machine

Homing the machine is one of the most important parts of a CNC. Without homing the machine, no CNC machine can be used to its full potential and can result in crashing of the machine as the controller does not know the position of the axis on power up.

INFORMATION: Its a good idea to set to enable "Request Home on startup" and "Request Home after E-Stop press" option in "Homing settings" window. This will blink a homing request alarm on the screen to tell the user to home the machine before use and wont let the user run and gcode without homing the machine.

Steps to home the machine

  • To home the machine, first make sure that no alarms such as E-Stop are flashing on the screen.
  • Next check that its safe to run the homing cycle on the machine and the tool, work piece or clamps will not be hit. If you need to move the axis to a safe position before homing, jogging from the F3 screen or MPG is allowed.
  • Once you are ready to home the machine, press CTRL+ALT+HOME key on the keyboard or hold the HOME button in the F3 screen for 3 seconds.
  • You can also assign one of the input on Masso as a Home Button Input and connect a button to it to home the machine.