Resetting Job Counter

MASSO has a built in job counter that increments everytime a gcode file runs. This counter can be used to see number of parts made in large production work.

To reset the job counter back to 0:

  • Goto the F2 - Program & MDI screen.
  • Press CTRL + M or click the MDI button to open the MDI Window.
  • Type RESET_JOB_COUNTER and press

INFORMATION: The job counter can also be seen and reset remotely on a PC using the MASSO Link software.

INFORMATION: The job counter value in retained even after system power down. If the backup battery on the MASSO is removed, the job counter is reset to 0.

INFORMATION: For MASSO G2 model the job counter can count up to 4094 and for MASSO G3 model the job counter can count up to 4,294,967,295.