Spindle RPM Override

Spindle RPM Override

Information: This feature is available on the F2 & F3 Screens.

Information: Speed override ranges from 10% to 150% of the specified spindle speed.

How to use

  • Press the F12 Key on the keyboard
  • Use the + & keys on your keyboard to change the spindle RPM.
  • You can also use the Pendant to change the speed by rotating the MPG dial in either the + or - direction to increase or decrease the spindle RPM.

RPM Override set at 100%

INFORMATION: The following feature is available in version 4.02.34b and higher

MASSO G3 and MASSO Touch

  • In addition to the methods above the MASSO G3 and MASSO Touch has an Overrides tab in the Gcode window
  • The RPM override slider that can be used to change the Spindle speed between 10% & 150%.
  • Moving the slider will adjust the spindle speed in real time while you are machining.
  • The Reset button will reset RPM to 100%