Resuming Program or Jump to Line

INFORMATION: This feature is only available for mill and plasma software versions.

When machining complex jobs such as die molds or complex engraving jobs which can take a long time to machine, power failure or broken tool means that you need to start the entire gcode file from start. Restarting the gcode file from start is very time and resource consuming. To be able to effectively restart your machining process from where you left, MASSO has a Resuming Program or Jump to Line feature (from software v3.30).

  • With this feature the current gcode line number is saved into a high speed internal memory and even if the machine is powered off while machining, MASSO will automatically store that last line number in memory.

On power-up, a message is displayed on the gcode list with the last line number that was running

  • After this please load the gcode file from the F6-Load File screen and go to F2-Program & MDI screen
  • Press the Jump to line button or use CTRL+J from an external keyboard to open the Resuming Program window
  • The last line number will automatically be filled and depending on your program, please go back a few lines from the last running line so that the machining is resumed a few lines before it stopped.

  • Next click the Start from line button and MASSO will process the gcode file up to the line number entered by you. When done MASSO will calculate all the machining parameters from the gcode file as below:
  • Calculate the X, Y, and Z-axis positions to resume machining.
  • Cutting feedrate as per gcode.
  • Tool Number.
  • Spindle RPM and direction.
  • Coolant/Mist status.
  • Carefully check the information and click the Run button.
  • Next, MASSO will resume the machining cycle as below:
  • Move the Z axis up to the homing position.
  • Change tool if a different tool is required.
  • Sets the status of any output if used with M62 or M63 codes.
  • Start spindle at the requested RPM and direction.
  • Start Coolant/Mist as per gcode.
  • Go to X & Y resume position.
  • Move the Z axis down to the cutting position and start machining at the feedrate as per gcode file.

INFORMATION: When using Jump to line only one axis moves at a time and the Cycle Start button must be pressed between each X, Y, A, B & Z axis move when the axis is moving to the start position.  Machining will automatically resume once the z axis has moved into position.

Jump to Line in Plasma software

INFORMATION: When using the Jump to line in Plasma software MASSO will search backward in the Gcode file to locate the last M5 or M3 command depending on the software version being used and will be the starting line. If the line you have selected is an M5 command it will use that line. If there is no previous M5 or M3 command it will return to the start of the Gcode file. The use of Plasma Jump to line works the same as Mill software in its operation.