MASSO Link - macOS Instructions

Running MASSO Link on your Apple computer

After downloading the MASSO Link .dmg file, double click to mount the image.

Once the image has been mounted, drag and extract the MASSO Link software file on the desktop or in a folder.

WARNING: Do not run the MASSO Link file without extracting it from the image.

Next right the image file and click Eject. At this stage, the dmg file can also be moved to the bin.

Double click the MASSO Link icon.

INFORMATION: If you are using mac with the M1 chip and if Rosetta is not installed on your system then the above message will be displayed. Click Install to install Rosetta and once done, double click the MASSO Link icon.

On the first run, macOS will warn that the developer cannot be verified, click Cancel.

INFORMATION: You will need to follow the below steps once to allow MASSO Link to run on your mac.

Go to the menu and click System Preferences.

Double click the MASSO Link icon, on first use you will see the above message, click the OK button.

On first use, a settings file MASSO_Settings.dat will be created in the same folder and a message will be displayed. This settings file is used to store all the information such as machine name, IP address of MASSO and window position.