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Plasma Torch and MASSO DTHC

  • Tool 112
  • This integrates Plasma and Mill into the same software so that a user with a dual machine does not need to switch between software to use one or the other.
  • The X, Y & Z offset relative to the main spindle can be entered in the Multi-Head Setting page
  • A Torch Touch offset is provided to account for the activation distance required to trigger a touch switch.
  • Ohmic and touch switch can be used for setting the Plasma torch height.
  • Plasma Up/Down is provided to move the Plasma torch into position if this is a multi head machine. eg Plasma and spindle.
  • A Plasma On/Off is provided to turn the Plasma Arc on and Off.
  • A piercing count is recorded on the F2 screen to allow the user to keep track of wear on consumables. This value is retained in memory when power is turned off.
  • The Plasma Torch can be used without a THC if it is not required.
  • THC support will be provided via the MASSO DTHC module only.
  • The MASSO DTHC module has been developed to work exclusively with and integrate into the Plasma Torch Multi-Head software.
  • For more information on the DTHC please see MASSO_DTHC
  • A dedicated input is provided on MASSO input 9 for the MASSO DTHC Input. No other input can be used for the MASSO DTHC input.

Assigning MASSO DTHC Input

INFORMATION: The normal state of the Plasma-MASSO DTHC input when working and idle is constant change between High and Low. If the input shows a constant Low state please check your connection.

Assigning Plasma Inputs

Assigning Plasma Outputs

Multi-Head Setting

F2 Screen

  • 7 Parameters are provided on the F2 Plasma tab to allow easy adjustment of the Plasma torch while it is cutting.
  • Each parameter box can be clicked on and a new value entered into the box.
  • Touch off and Piercing is automated in MASSO Plasma and will occur on each M3 command before moving to the cutting height and these are controlled by parameters 1 to 4
  • The THC voltage can be set directly on MASSO and changed either by entering a new value or using the Torch Up / Down buttons on screen which will change the voltage by 1 volt.
  • The THC feed rate can be adjusted as needed and this adjusts the speed of the Z axis when under THC control.
  • Feed rate Anti dive is a percentage of the X Y axis feed rate and should it fall below this value the Z axis will lock when under THC control to prevent the torch falling and touching the material.
  • Parameters 1,2,3,4,5 & 7 can be set as part of the Gcode file. Gcode command G200
  • Parameter 6 is set using Gcode command M667

  1. Touch off Feedrate
  2. Piercing Height
  3. Piercing Delay
  4. Cutting Height
  5. Cutting Voltage
  6. THC Feedrate
  7. Feedrate Antidive


  • Enable Plasma Torch in the Multi-head screen.

  • Assign an input for Plasma-Ohmic id using Ohmic touch.

  • Assign an input for Plasma Touch is using a touch switch.

  • Assign an input for Plasma-Torch Breakaway.

  • Assign an input for Plasma-MASSO THC is using a THC.

  • Enter the X, Y and Z axis offset from the reference tool into the Plasma Torch Multi-Head setting screen. This could be the offset from the Main spindle if using one but if this is a stand alone Plasma machine them leave these values at 0
  • Enter the Torch Touch Offset value if using a Plasma touch with a built in switch.

  • Assign a Plasma output for Plasma-Torch On/Off.

  • Assign a Plasma-UP/Down if your Torch needs to be moved into position.

Plasma Logic

  • The Plasma-Up/Down output goes Low to move the Torch in to the up position.
  • A THC feed rate Override is provided under the Override tab and can be adjust the THC feedrate in real time

THC feed rate override

INFORMATION: MASSO Plasma does not support older Up/Down THC units. To use these please continue using Plasma software version v4.01

INFORMATION: Plasma Torch can be used without a THC.

Installing and setting up MASSO DTHC

Information on installing and setting up the MASSO DTHC can be found here