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G38.6 - Digitizing Probing Cycle

WARNING: The incorrect use of this Gcode can cause damage to your probing equipment, the item being probed and personal injury. Please understand and exercise care.

INFORMATION: This function is only available for MASSO G3 in version 4.03 or higher.

This command is used for digitizing parts using a touch probe or similar. Typically used to create a cloud point capture of a 3d object or to map uneven material surface for engraving with the use of auto leveling software.

  • The axis specified in the G38.6 command will move until the probe touches.
  • The X,Y & Z touchpoint data is saved to "MASSO Probe data.txt"
  • If the "MASSO Probe data.txt" does not exist then the MASSO will create a new file.
  • If the "MASSO Probe data.txt" exists then the data will be added to the end of the existing file.
  • If the probe does not touch within the specified distance then a "Probing error at:" entry is made in the "MASSO Probe data.txt" file, the program will Stop and a Probing Error Alarm will be displayed.
  • All coordinates used with G38.6 are working coordinates.
  • All recorded coordinates in the "MASSO Probe data.txt" file are working coordinates.

Syntax & Parameters

  • X, Y, Z Value - specifies the axis you wish to move for probing following the coordinate to move to. The coordinate value is a working coordinate.
  • F Value - The F value defines the feed rate at which the axis will move.

Example program

N10 G1 X20 Y10 F1000
N20 G38.6 Z-3 F100
N30 G0 Z2

In the above example the machine moves to X20 Y10

The Z axis will probe down to working coordinate -3 and if the probe detects a touch it will stop and record the X, Y & Z working coordinates in the "MASSO Probe data.txt" file.

If the probe does not record by the time it reaches Z -3 it will stop and record Probing error at: 20.00000, 10.00000 in the "MASSO Probe data.txt" file. A Probing error Alarm will display in the screen.

INFORMATION: Units are defined as either inches or mm depending on your machines setup or G20 or G21 command in use.

Sample Data File

0.00000, 0.00000, -0.88750

0.13310, 0.00000, -0.90749

0.26619, 0.00000, -0.91750

0.38597, 0.00000, -0.92249

Probing error at: 0.00000, -0.92000

Sample Digitized item

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