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G95 - Feed Per Revolution

G95 (Feed Per Revolution) is a modal G-code that instructs the control to interpret feed commands as mm per revolution (mm/rev) or inches per revolution of the spindle.

Syntax & Parameters

  • G95
  • F Value The F value specifies the distance travelled per revolution of the spindle used to calculate the G95 feed rate.
  • S Value This specifies the spindle speed used to calculate the G95 feed rate

Example program

N10 G21
N20 S800 M3
N30 G95
N40 G01 X20 F0.1

The above program code would cause the X axis to advance 10mm for every revolution of the spindle until the X axis reaches 20mm.

The Feed rate will be 80mm per minute

G95 feed rate above is calculated as follows

(Spindle speed) x (Specified feed rate) = G95 feed rate

800 x 0.1 = 80mm

INFORMATION: G96 spindle speed has no effect on the G95 feed rate.