MASSO Documentation

M06 – Tool Change

WARNING: When using an auto tool changer the M06 must be preceded by an M05 or the drawbar will not release and can result in damage to the tool changer.

CAUTION: This command can be used in different combinations and wrong command can result in unexpected loading of tool.

INFORMATION: Valid tool numbers are T0 to T99

This command is used to change tool immediately and can be used with T value.

Syntax & Parameters

  • M06
  • T Value – specifies the tool number to change, this value can be used before M06 or after M06 but will have a very different process of tool loading.

Example program

N10 M05
N20 T5 M06

In above program the M05 stops the spindle then T5 tells the system that we would like to load tool number 5 and M06 is used to tell the system to load the tool.