MASSO Documentation


INFORMATION: The MASSO DTHC module is in the BETA stage and can be requested by OEM's or clients who are interested.


The MASSO DTHC (Digital Torch Height Control) module is designed to provide digital arc voltage information from a plasma source. The module is designed to connect between the MASSO G3 controller and the plasma source with an arc voltage divider output option.

The digital arc voltage data is used by MASSO to monitor arc voltage levels and to adjust the torch height while cutting parts. Having full digital information about arc voltages, the user can easily set and adjust cutting voltages for jobs using gcode commands, this makes it very flexible and easy for the user to set all the cutting parameters of a job in a gcode file, there is no requirement to set cutting voltages manually on an external THC, everything is automatically loaded in when the gcode file is loaded.

INFORMATION: The DTHC module is only supported with the MASSO G3 controllers as the old G2 model does not have the required interface electronics.

INFORMATION: The DTHC module requires MASSO G3 software v4.03 or above.


  • Requires 24v power - The unit can be powered using a 24v power supply.
  • Optically isolated interface - The unit provides optically isolated digital signals to MASSO for noise immunity and protection against high voltages from the plasma source.
  • Supports multiple arc voltage ratios - The unit can be used with a plasma source with the following voltage ratios:
  • 16:1
  • 20:1
  • 30:1
  • 50:1

Arc voltage ratio setup

  • Rotary switch position 0 - 30:1
  • Rotary switch position 1 - 50:1
  • Rotary switch position 2 - 16:1
  • Rotary switch position 3 - 20:1

Wiring example

Setting up in MASSO

Once the system has been wired, go to the F1-Setup screen and set Input 9, and assign it the function MASSO DTHC Input.

INFORMATION: The MASSO DTHC module data signal must be wired to MASSO Input 9 and assigned the function MASSO DTHC Input, else the DTHC module will not work.

Next, go to the Multi-Head Settings and select the Plasma Torch option as shown below, enter the plasma torch offset values in reference to the spindle location. Tick the Use MASSO DTHC module option to enable MASSO DTHC logic.