MASSO Documentation

List of Configurable Outputs

Different functions can be assigned to outputs in the F1-Settings screen. These can be used to set up things such as:

  • Tower lights.
  • Coolant control.
  • Tool changer control signals.

INFORMATION: All output signals can be easily inverted by selecting the output in the OUTPUTS list and pressing the space-bar key on the keyboard to invert the output signal. These settings are automatically saved.

List of Configurable Outputs

  • Tower Light Red, Yellow or Green.
  • Lubrication.
  • Coolant Flood.
  • Coolant Mist.
  • Chuck Clamp.
  • Tool Changer - Outputs.
  • Auxiliary Output (1 to 16) Output.
  • Laser Crosshair +
  • Touch Screen Beep Output.
  • Tool Air Blast Cleaning
  • Plasma On/Off Signal

INFORMATION: When an output shows HIGH it will output 5 volts on the output pin and when the output is low it will output 0 volts.

CAUTION: When Masso turns on it will set the outputs to the logic levels shown on the F1 page. Please ensure that you take this into account when setting up the initial logic level of your output as it will determine if the output will turn on or off when Masso is powered up.