Dry Run Laser Pointer

  • Tool 0
  • The laser pointer tool is used to provide a reference point to zero your X & Y axis.
  • Selecting a point on your stock and zeroing your X & Y coordinates will automatically transfer them to the other spindles on your machine.
  • The Dry Run laser pointer can be used to do a dry run of your machined part to ensure that it will fit on your stock.
  • While performing a Dry run of your Gcode file it will ignore Coolant on / off Gcodes as well as tool changes and changes in Z axis height.
  • A TTL output can be assigned to turn the laser pointer on and off and will automatically turn on when the Laser pointer is selected. This can be done using a MASSO relay module if needed.

Laser pointer Output

Multi-Head Settings

INFORMATION: To exit Dry run mode you must press the Dry Run Button and the laser will turn off and you will return to the previous tool. You can not exit dry run by changing to a different tool as Dry Run ignore tool change requests.

The Dry Run Laser pointer

Connection and configuration

Laser Alignment

Calibrate a Dry Run Laser to the Main Head

  • Ensure the current tool is your main head and if not change to it using MDI eg T1 M06

Example wiring diagram

Using the Dry Run Laser Pointer

Dry Run without a Laser

Dry Run can be used without a laser pointer.

If you are not using a laser leave the X & Y axis offsets set to 0 in the Multi-Head Dry Run Laser pointer setup screen.

This will move your spindle, Plasma torch or other head around the table indication the cutting path.

The Z axis will not move while under Gcode control.