OXY Torch

INFORMATION: This feature is still in development and cannot be used at this time.

  • Tool 113
  • To change to Oxy issue a T113 M06 command in MDI and include this in your Gcode file to ensure that it changes to the correct screen when you run your Gcode file
  • Oxy torch allows MASSO to work with a oxy torch setup.
  • The X, Y & Z offset relative to the Plasma torch can be entered in the Multi-Head Setting page
  • Outputs have been provided to allow control of the Gases, Torch up and down as well as ignition which can be assigned to any of the MASSO TTL outputs.
  • An input to monitor the Oxy-Flame Out input has ben provided and can be assigned to any of the MASSO inputs. This will turn off the Gases if a flameout is detected.

Assigning Oxy outputs

Assigning Oxy Input

Multi-Head Setting

F2 Screen