Pen 1 & 2

The Pen tool can be used with marker pens and other similar tools as needed

  • Tools 116 & 117
  • To change to Pen issue a T116 M06 or a T117 M06 command in MDI and include this in your Gcode file to ensure that it changes to the correct screen when you run your Gcode file
  • The X, Y & Z offset relative to another head can be entered in the Multi-Head Setting page
  • A Pen Up/Down output is provided for each pen and can be assigned to one of the TTL outputs.

Assign Pen outputs

Multi-Head Setting

F2 Screen


  • Enable Pen 1 and Pen 2 as required in the Multi-head screen.

  • Assign an output for Pen up /Down. 

  • Enter the X, Y and Z axis offset from the reference tool into the Pen 1 & Pen 2 Multi-Head setting screens. This could be the Main spindle or a Plasma torch.

Pen Logic

  • The appropriate Pen up/Down output will go High. This output is used to push the Pen down into position.
  • If a different tool is selected the Pen Up/Down output will go Low which will pull the Pen up into the idle position.
  • There is a button on the F2 Screen when Pen 1 or 2 is selected which allow the user to move the Pen up and down as needed.

Wiring a Pen

Example wiring diagram