Installing an Opt Lasers

Connect an Opt Lasers PLH3D

This page shows how the PLH3D 6 watt laser with CNC adapter was connect to MASSO for our Laser testing.

It comes with premade cables and only 2 wires needed to be connected to get the laser up and running.

The addition of 2 more wires to the Estop relay adds another level of safety to the setup and is highly recommended.

The kit came with the Laser, a CNC Adapter and all cables necessary to connect it to the MASSO CNC Controller as well as a pair of safety glasses suitable for use with the Laser.

It also included a magnetic nozzle and Magnetic docking station so that you can remove it when not in use.

The PLH3D CNC Adapter provided with the kit is an interface between the Laser and MASSO which has various safety interlocks. These can be used to help ensure that the laser can be locked when not in use to prevent unauthorized use and provides other safety features such as a place to connect the Emergency stop.

Configuring MASSO

Connecting to MASSO

Installing the PLH3D-CNC Adapter

Estop Connection

Laser Up/Down

Air Assist

Programming the CNC Adapter

The CNC adapter can be configured in many ways and needs to be set correctly to work with MASSO.

You will see the configured mode whenever you turn the Laser on in the first second before the Power LED turns on.

The CNC Adapter is correct if you see the Laser LED come on by itself before the Power LED turns on.

This what you see when you turn the Laser on

Instructions on setting the CNC Adapter can be found on the Opt Lasers Site.  CNC Adapter Manual

Docking Station

Safety Glasses