G38.6 - Digitizing Probing Cycle

WARNING: The incorrect use of this Gcode can cause damage to your probing equipment, the item being probed and personal injury. Please understand and exercise care.

This command is used for digitizing parts using a touch probe or similar. Typically used to create a cloud point capture of a 3d object or to map uneven material surface for engraving with the use of auto leveling software.

  • The axis specified in the G38.6 command will move until the probe touches.
  • The X,Y & Z touchpoint data is saved to "MASSO Probe data.txt"
  • If the "MASSO Probe data.txt" does not exist then the MASSO will create a new file.
  • If the "MASSO Probe data.txt" exists then the data will be added to the end of the existing file.
  • If the probe does not touch within the specified distance then a "Probing error at:" entry is made in the "MASSO Probe data.txt" file, the program will Stop and a Probing Error Alarm will be displayed.
  • All coordinates used with G38.6 are working coordinates.
  • All recorded coordinates in the "MASSO Probe data.txt" file are working coordinates.
  • To use this G38.6 requires a Probe input be assigned which changes from Low to High when the probe is triggered.

INFORMATION: This Gcode is not available for MASSO G2

Syntax & Parameters

  • X, Y, Z Value - specifies the axis you wish to move for probing following the coordinate to move to. The coordinate value is a working coordinate.
  • F Value - The F value defines the feed rate at which the axis will move.

Example program

N10 G1 X20 Y10 F1000
N20 G38.6 Z-3 F100
N30 G0 Z2

In the above example the machine moves to X20 Y10

The Z axis will probe down to working coordinate -3 and if the probe detects a touch it will stop and record the X, Y & Z working coordinates in the "MASSO Probe data.txt" file.

If the probe does not record by the time it reaches Z -3 it will stop and record Probing error at: 20.00000, 10.00000 in the "MASSO Probe data.txt" file. A Probing error Alarm will display in the screen.

INFORMATION: Units are defined as either inches or mm depending on your machines setup or G20 or G21 command in use.

Sample Data File

0.00000, 0.00000, -0.88750

0.13310, 0.00000, -0.90749

0.26619, 0.00000, -0.91750

0.38597, 0.00000, -0.92249

Probing error at: 0.00000, -0.92000

Sample Digitized item

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