G73 – High Speed Peck Drilling

This command is Canned Cycle used for high speed peck drilling.

Syntax & Parameters

  • G73 followed by axis, R, Q, K & F values.
  • X, Y, Z, A, B Value - specifies the axis you wish to move following the distance to move. The distance value will be the current machine units in use.
  • R Value - This is the retract position in the Z axis above the workpiece and this is the position the Z axis will retract to after finishing the drilling cycle if using with G99.
  • Q Value - The Q value is peck (incremental) value. A positive non-zero Q value must be specified.
  • K Value - This is the number of time the cycle needs to be repeated. (Optional)
  • F Value - The F value defines the feed rate at which the axis will move at.

INFORMATION: The Q value in this cycle refers to the distance that the drill cuts between each peck. The retract distance is fixed at 1.0mm between pecks.

Example program

N10 G99 G73 X10 Y10 Z-8 R2 Q1 K2 F100
N20 X20
N30 X30
N40 G80

  • The first line moves the X & Y axis to 10mm position with retract plane set to 2mm, drilling to Z -8mm, peck of 1mm at 100 mm/minute feed rate and starts drilling.
  • The K value of 2 will cause the drill cycle to repeat a 2nd time drilling the hole again before moving on to the next line of Gcode.
  • The second line moves X axis to 20mm position and drills a hole as per the same values.
  • The third line moves X axis to 30mm position and drills a hole as per the same values.
  • G80 cancels the canned cycle

INFORMATION: Units are defined as either inches or mm depending on your machines setup or G20 or G21 command in use.

WARNING: Before a new canned cycle can be used the previous one must be cancelled with a G80