G-codes & Post Processors

G93 – Inverse Time Mode

This command is used set the current feed rate mode to Inverse Time Mode.

Syntax & Parameters

  • G93

  • X, Y, Z, A & B These are the destination coordinates of the axis.

  • F Value This is the Feedrate. The move will be completed it 1/F minutes or 60/F seconds.

  • G01, G02 and G03 It is Mandatory to include a Feedrate for these commands

  • G00 No Feedrate is required

Example program

N10 G93
N20 G01 X1 A1 F30 This will move TO position X1 A1 in 2 seconds
N30 G00 X0 A0 This will Rapid to X0 A0

The above program sets the feedrate mode to Inverse Time Mode.