MSG - Print message to screen

This command allows the user to add messages to their Gcode which will be displayed on the screen in the tool path area.

These can be used as training aids, instructions or reminders of when to do something.

INFORMATION: This Gcode is not available for MASSO G2

Syntax & Parameters

  • MSG - followed by a space and then the message to be displayed on screen
  • MSG - when no message follows the MSG command the current on screen message will be removed from the screen

Example program to display the message "Load Material " on the screen

N10 MSG Load Material

  • Message length is limited to a single line of 34 characters and messages that exceed this length will only display the first 34 characters.
  • Messages can be cancelled by pressing the OK button on the message display or using the MSG Gcode by itself.
  • Messages will remain on screen until cancelled, overwritten by the next message or a System message.

INFORMATION: messages can be cleared from the the screen using MSG and no following text.

N10 MSG Load Material
N20 G04 P3000

  • Display Load Material on screen
  • Wait 3 seconds
  • Remove message from screen.

INFORMATION: Messages can be used with M00 & M01 to stop the machine so that the user can read the message before proceeding if required.

Example program to display the message "Change tool to V-Bit {90 deg 0.5"}" on the screen before a tool change

N10 MSG Change tool to V-Bit {90 deg 0.5"}
N20 M01
N30 T3 M06

  • Messages can be written into the post processor to automatically add this type of message.
  • The M01 in the example will stop the machine until the Cycle Start is pressed allowing the user time to read the message when they are ready. There is no need to press OK in this instance because it will immediately be overwritten by the system tool change message.
  • If Optional Stop CTRL+O is turned off then the machine will not stop and the user will not see the message as it will immediately be overwritten by the System message to Change tool

INFORMATION: Multiple messages can be used with G04 Pauses to display messages in a timed sequence.

Example program to display multiple messages on the screen

N20 G04 P3000
N40 G04 P3000

  • In some applications it may be desirable to provide instructions in a timed sequence. Using a G04 pause between messages will allow them to be displayed for the specified time before it is overwritten by the next message.