M01 – Optional Program Stop

This command stops the program if optional stop is turned on. Pressing cycle start will resume the program. You can press CTRL + O when on the F2-Program & MDI screen page to toggle between Optional Stop ON/OFF.

The optional Stop status is displayed at the top of the screen and you can also toggle it on and off by clicking this with the mouse or using the touch screen.

Syntax & Parameters

  • M01
  • M1 - The same as M01

Example program

N10 G00 X0 Y0
N20 G00 X10
N30 M01
N40 G00 Y10

  • The first line will move both X and Y axis to 0.00 position.
  • In line two the X axis will move to X 10 position.
  • In line three the program will stop and wait for user to press cycle start is optional stop is set to On, else will run line four and move Y axis to 10.