M63 – Turn Off Digital Output Synchronized With Motion

INFORMATION: From MASSO software version 3.47, to use M63 command please use M65 command as M63 command has been changed.

INFORMATION: MASSO G2 does not support M63 command from version 3.47, please use M65.

This command is used to switched OFF any of the 16 auxiliary outputs synchronized with the start of the next motion command.

CAUTION: If no motion is commanded, the output will not turn OFF. It is best to specify motion immediately following the M63 command.

Syntax & Parameters

  • M63
  • P Value - The P value is required and defines the output number to switch On. This value can be between 1 to 16.

Example program

N10 G0 X0
N20 M62 P1
N30 X10
N40 M63 P1
N50 X20

  • In the above example the the X axis moves to X0 position, then auxiliary output 1 is turned ON when the X axis starts to move towards X10 position. Once the axis reaches X10 position and starts moving to X20 position, the auxiliary output 1 is turned OFF.

INFORMATION: For M63 P# to work you must assign an output as an auxiliary output in F1-Setup screen under OUTPUTS list.