M85 - Open Door

This Gcode is used to open an Automatic door on an enclosure.

The M85 Gcode works with the Door Open / Close output on MASSO and sets the output HIGH to open the door.

The door open is interlocked with MASSO Spindle

A sounder output is provided for the user to add the sounder of their choice to provide a warning of the door opening.

INFORMATION: M85 is not supported in MASSO G2

Syntax & Parameters

  • M85

Example program

N10 M85

  • M85 is called

  • The Sounder output goes High for 1 second to signal door is about to open

  • Door Open/Close output is set to HIGH and at the same time the Sounder output changes between HIGH and LOW every 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds to warn the user the door is opening.

INFORMATION: To close the door please see Gcode M86

INFORMATION: For manual opening and closing of the door you can use the Door Open Close input.