MPG Pendant

Information: Jogging with the MPG can only be done in the F3 JOG screen.

Information: The MPG can be used on the F2 screen in combination with the F11 (Feed Rate Override) and F12 (Spindle Speed Override).

A wired MPG (Manual pulse generator) can be connected to MASSO to jog machine axis and to control things such as feed and spindle overrides.

A ready to plug in MASSO MPG pendant can be purchased from this link CLICK HERE

MPG Pendant Wiring

To wire a different MPG pendant or a MPG handwheel on you machine, please see the below instructions.

Pendant Resolution

Extension Cable

Installing MPG connector on MASSO Touch

  • Pass the cable through the slot in the rear of MASSO.
  • To connect the MPG connector, remove the D-Connector plastic shell and install it as shown below.
  • Move the Estop wire going to Estop 2 and move it to Estop 1 to allow the pendant Estop to work

MPG inputs

All inputs are optically isolated and are rated up to 24 volts.

All inputs are visible in the F1 screen for troubleshooting purposes and the input logic can be inverted to suit different pendant types if needed however for the MASSO pendant all inputs must be set to No in the invert column.

Troubleshooting the MASSO Pendant


  • MPG inputs must show No in the invert column or it will not work correctly. All MPG inputs must show Low when the MASSO pendant is unplugged. If any MPG input shows Yes in the invert column, select the input and press the spacebar to change the invert column to show No.
  • When the pendant is plugged in and turned on you will see the selected inputs go high.
  • When the MASSO MPG is turned off or Axis 6 is selected only the selected Resolution input will show as High.
  • There will be one MPG Select and one Resolution input High at any one time. If more than one of each is present at the same time the pendant will not behave correctly. The most likely cause is that one of the MPG inputs is inverted. Check that all MPG inputs show NO in the invert column.
  • While looking at the F1 screen select each axis in turn on the pendant and each resolution and make sure each of the corresponding inputs change to High as they are selected. If an input does not change when it is selected on the MPG you may have a broken wire in the pendant.

  • When the Manual pulse generator is turned it is normal to see the MPG Dial Signal-A and MPG Dial Signal-B inputs changing between high and low in what appears to be a random manner.

  • If turning the MPG dial does not make the axis move please check your step size. If the step size for your axis is bigger than the single step set on the pendant then the axis will not move. eg if each step of your axis is 0.03mm and your use the x1 setting on the pendant of 0.01mm then the axis will not move as a single pendant step is smaller than a single axis step however the x10 (0.1mm) will work.
  • If the Estop on your pendant is not working on the pendant please check that you are using EStop1. If the wire is on Estop2 move it to Estop1 and the pendant will work correctly.
  • If you cannot get MASSO out of Estop please check that the Pendant is plugged in properly as the Estop signal goes through the pendant and unplugging it will put the machine in Estop.
  • For more information on the EStop wiring please see: Estop Wiring

Estop pin 1