MASSO G2 Replacing Damaged Optocouplers

Sourcing replacement parts

INFORMATION: Damaged Optocouplers can be purchased from one of the following suppliers, please click the link below to directly jump to the part order page:

Digi-Key:  Optocoupler LTV-816

Newark Element 14: Optocoupler KB817

Mouser Electronics: Optocoupler LTV-816

Identifying Optocouplers

Testing procedure for Inputs 1 - 32

Testing procedure for Spindle Encoder Inputs

Testing procedure for MPG Inputs

Testing procedure for the Estop Input

Testing procedure for CW & CCW outputs

Replacement Process

WARNING: Ensure that you turn the power off to MASSO and observe standard Antistatic precautions before changing an optocoupler.

CAUTION: Ensure that you observe the correct orientation of the optocoupler when replacing as they are polarity sensitive.