User Account Settings

INFORMATION: These settings are available on MASSO G3 software version 3.47 and above.

Disable change password for user account

If this option is ticked, the user can only enter password to start using the machine but is unable to change the password. This option can be useful if multiple users are using the machine and one user might change the password locking access to other users.

Lock user from changing or viewing Wi-Fi settings

If this option is ticked, the user can only view Wi-Fi status and IP address but can't change any of the settings including disconnecting or connecting the Wi-Fi network. The admin user should setup and click the connect button so that MASSO is connected to Wi-Fi network and then tick "Lock user from changing or viewing Wi-Fi settings" in F1-Setup screen. Next, if the controller is powered up or a user logs in then MASSO will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network but will not allow the user to change any settings or disconnect from the network.

Reset Password

If the user has changed or forgot the password then admin can log in and click the "Reset Password" button to reset user password to "HTG".