Manual Tool Changer

The manual tool setter is designed to used With Auto tool zero to automatically measure then calculate the new tool height and compensated for the difference in tool length.

For information on connecting and how the Tool Setter works please see >>>HERE<<<

Setting up manual tool changer

  • This is used when the tool is changed manually by hand.
  • Go to F1-Setup screen and open Tool Changer window.
  • From the list select Press enter to open Tool Changer list and select the Manual Tool Change from the list.

Setting tool change position

To be able to change tools easily, a tool change position can be set. This option is also helpful if your machine bed is very large and you want the spindle moved to a certain location for easy tool change, for example on the front of the machine every time a tool change is required.

Double click the 1: Manual Tool Change in the list and the below Tool change position window will open where the axis position for a tool change can be entered.

Automatic Door


Tool Changer Logic

  1. Spindle is turned OFF and the system waits for the spindle to stop as per the spindle "Spin down delay" value in the spindle settings.
  2. The system checks if the requested tool in the spindle. If it is the tool change request is ignored. If it isn't the Tool change proceeds to step 3
  3. Z-Axis moves up to the homing position.

Tool Numbering

CAUTION: Please be aware that from MASSO G3 software versions 5.0 and higher, user assignable tools have changed and are now Tool 1 to 100.

INFORMATION: Depending on your software version your first user assignable tool will be either Tool 0 or Tool 1