Tool Numbering in MASSO

CAUTION: Please be aware that from MASSO G3 software versions 5.0 and higher, user assignable tool numbers have changed and are now Tool 1 to 100. In earlier G3 versions the tool numbers are from Tool 0 to 99.

CAUTION: Depending on your software version your first user assignable tool will be either Tool 0 or Tool 1.


  • For software versions 5.0 and higher, user assignable tools are Tool 1 to 100.
  • Tool 0 is permanently assigned as the Dry run Laser in Mill software.
  • In Mill software, if you call Tool 0 in your Gcode file you will enter Dry Run Laser mode. Once in Dry run mode, all tool change commands via gcode file or MDI will be ignored. Use the MDI Dry Run button to exit this mode. 
  • User assignable tools numbers are between 1 - 100 for all tool changers.
  • On a Lathe Tool Changer the first tool is Tool 1.
  • In Lathe software, an Error message will be displayed if Tool 0 is requested.
  • For Lathe Tool changers please renumber your tool changer position labels on the machine to start from Tool 1 if it currently starts at Tool 0.

CAUTION: If you have existing Gcode files that use Tool 0 please edit the tool numbers in your gcode files to load and use correct tool numbers.

MASSO G2, G3 & MASSO Touch running lower software versions

  • If your MASSO G3 software version is lower than version 5.0 your first assignable tool will be Tool 0 and the first tool on your tool changer will be Tool 0. On a Lathe Tool Changer, the first tool is Tool 0.