3D Touch Probe

A wired or wireless touch probe can be wired to MASSO to be used with interactive part probing or with G38.2 probing cycle gcode command.

INFORMATION: For information about interactive part probing CLICK HERE

INFORMATION: For information about using G38.2 probing cycle CLICK HERE

Wiring the probe

The probe signal can be wired to one of the inputs on the MASSO. The voltage signal from the probe must be between 5 to 24v.

For additional probe wiring diagrams please set the MASSO Forum. Probe wiring

Wiring example of Drewtronics Probe

Assigning the probe input

Once the probe has been wired to one of the MASSO inputs, go to the F1 - Setup screen and assign the input as Probe Input Signal.

CAUTION: The input status must show LOW when the probe is not touched and should only show HIGH when triggered.

INFORMATION: To invert the input signal, invert by selecting the input in the INPUTS list and press the space-bar key on the keyboard. These settings are automatically saved.

INFORMATION: Touch probe to skip is available on MASSO G3 software version 3.47 and above.

When using a touch probe, if auto tool zero is enabled, the controller will try to automatically do an auto tool zero which can damage the touch probe. If a tool number is entered in the above settings then MASSO will automatically skip auto tool zero for this tool number and the user can enter the calibrated length of the touch probe in the F4-Tools & Work Offset screen.

This also disables the spindle so that it cannot be accidentally turned on when the touch probe is loaded and a warning message will be displayed on screen.

Touch probe tool assignment

Touch probe loaded into spindle warning message

Touch probe length Calibration

CAUTION: It is advisable to quickly test your touch probe before starting a probing cycle to ensure it is working properly. This is done by triggering the Probe and observing the indication at the top of the screen. When triggered the indication will change green

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