MASSO Lathe uses the same MASSO hardware as our other MASSO controllers but uses a different software.

It is not combined with the other MASSO tools and as a result it does not support combined lathe and mill functionality.

MASSO Lathe is a 2 axis and one spindle only, the X & Z axis and there is no option to extend the number of axis on the Lathe or have more than one spindle.

MASSO lathe users can change to Mill software at any time by downloading different software form myWORKSHOP and installing it on the controller.

When this is done it can become a 5 axis mill, waterjet, laser or plasma machine.

Lathe software is 2 axis only and cannot be increased.

Please Note: MASSO cannot be used to run a combination Lathe / Milling Machine.

C axis

MASSO does not have C axis support

This is currently being added to MASSO Lathe in our next Beta software release.


MASSO can be used with spindles that utilize 0-10v, PWM or step and direction for speed control.

The spindle cannot be indexed.

These is 1 spindle speed control output and it cannot be used to control the speed of a live tool.

Gearboxes and pulleys

MASSO does not support the use of Gearboxes and pulleys.

There is no option to to change gear ratio and the spindle speed does not reflect the change of gear when selecting speed.

This must be worked out manually though the RPM will report the actual spindle speed on the screen as it is taken directly from the spindle encoder if one is fitted.

Live tooling

MASSO does not support the use of live tooling.

If you have a tool that simply turns on and off then you can use Gcodes M64 & M65 to do this eg a die grinder.


MASSO supports threading using the G32 command.

For threading the spindle must have an encoder installed with a quadrature A & B with a Z pulse for threading.

Lathes that have manual speed control can still do threading as it is not the requested speed of the lathe that determines the threading cycle but the encoder.

This means that no matter what speed the spindle is rotating the thread will be correct.

Tool changer

MASSO has a wide range of tool changer support available including manual tool change.

Please see the following page and compare your tool changer to the ones built into MASSO

If your tool changer does not conform to one of the existing tool changer logics built in to MASSO then you can contact support to see if one can be written for your tool changer type. 

You will need to supply

  • A complete explanation of how the tool changer works.
  • A description of the logic required in a step by step format. This must include all inputs, outputs and timings.
  • A video of the tool changer in action would be helpful to understand the tool changer operation.
  • Any other information or documentation about the tool changer.

Setting up your MASSO Lathe

For more detailed information on setting up a MASSO lathe please see: