Axis Settings

X,Y,Z, A & B axis

Axis Resolution

  • This is not a setting but a calculation based on the Distance per revolution and Pulses per revolution
  • This is how far the axis will move with a single step and is the smallest incremental distance possible for the axis.

Distance per revolution

  • How far your axis travels in one revolution of the motor.
  • This takes into account the entire drive train including gear box ratios.

Pulses per revolution

  • How many steps it will take for your motor to complete 1 revolution.
  • This is based on your motor and driver settings.

Maximum feedrate

  • Defines your axis rapid speed.

Acceleration setting

  • Determines how quickly your axis accelerates to your chosen feed rate.
  • IT also determines how quickly an axis will decelerate.

Travel Minimum

  • This value determines the extent of travel for the axis in the negative direction.
  • This value must be a lower numeric value than the Travel Maximum

Travel Maximum

  • This value determines the extent of travel for the axis in the positive direction.
  • This value must be a higher numeric value than the Travel Minimum


  • Enter your axis backlash.
  • This value cannot exceed 10mm or 0.3937”

Invert Direction

  • If your axis travels in the wrong direction, put a check in this box to reverse it.

A & B axis

  • The A & B axis have additional settings for Angular and slave settings.

Angular Axis

  • The A & B axis can be set as for rotary axis
  • Setting the axis to angular changes the moves to angular instead of linear.
  • Movements are in degrees
  • The Motor distance is automatically set to 360 degrees and cannot be changed.
  • Calibration is done through calculation and not by using the wizard.
  • For additional information on setting up a rotary axis please see; Rotary axis

Slave axis

  • This setting is used for software slaving the the A axis to the X axis or the B axis to the Y
  • Software slaving is used for axis auto squaring.
  • For additional information on homing please see; Homing


  • This button is for axis calibration.
  • For additional information on axis calibration please see; Axis Calibration Wizard