Tool Changer Settings

Tool Changer

  • Select the tool changer type that suits your machine.
  • Some tools changers can have other options when double clicked that determine how the tool changer behaves.
  • If double clicking a tool changer does not open a new settings window, there are no additional settings for that changer.
  • For information on the various tool changer types and their settings please see the appropriate tool changer documentation
  • Mill Tool changers
  • Lathe Tool changers

Tool setter air blast time(ms)

  • This setting determines how long the tool setter air blast output is set high.
  • This is used to give a blast or air over the tool setter to clear it of swarf before the tool is measured.
  • The time is measure in milliseconds
  • The operation of the air blast is automatic and will occur after the new tool is picked up and before the new tool is measured.