What is Jog back?

Jog back is a feature that allows the user to move spindle or other head out of the way to either examine the part you are cutting or to examine the cutter.

Jog back is active after you load a Gcode file or when you are in feed hold and is automatic.

  • When you jog your machine MASSO remembers where the axes were when you started the jog sequence and when you press Cycle Start to continue machining it will walk your axis back one at a time to your previous position.
  • Only the axes that were moved were moved will Jog back. For example if you only move the X & Z then only those axes will Jog back.
  • One axis moves on each press of the Cycle Start button so if you move 3 axes then 3 presses of the Cycle Start button is required to return you to your start position.
  • Axis Jog back in the following order. X, Y, A, B, Z
  • If you are in Feed hold the machine will jog back one axis at a time with each press of the Cycle Start and once in position will resume machining on the next Cycle Start.

Cancel Jog Back

Jog back is cancelled when

  • A Gcode file is loaded
  • The Rewind button is pressed.
  • Any new jogging moves made after you load a Gcode file or press Rewind are subject to Jog back