List of Configurable Outputs

Different functions can be assigned to outputs in the F1-Settings screen. These can be used to set up things such as:

  • Tower lights.

  • Coolant control.

  • Tool changer control signals.

INFORMATION: All output signals can be easily inverted by selecting the input in the OUTPUTS list and pressing the space-bar key on the keyboard to invert the input signal. These settings are automatically saved.

List of Configurable Outputs

  • Tower Light Red, Yellow or Green.

  • Lubrication.

  • Coolant Flood.

  • Coolant Mist.

  • Chuck Clamp.

  • Tool Changer - Outputs.

  • M62/M63 (P1 to P16) Output.

  • Laser Crosshair +

  • Touch Screen Beep Output.

  • Tool Air Blast Cleaning

  • Plasma On/Off Signal