myWorkshop PRO

INFORMATION: myWORKSHOP PRO is only available for MASSO G3 and MASSO G3 Touch controllers running software version 5.07 and above.

INFORMATION: Following the Beta phase, the remote monitoring features will transition to a nominal annual subscription model. This subscription will not only grant access to the remote monitoring features across multiple devices but will also include regular software updates for your controllers and seamless integration with the myWorkshop desktop application, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient control experience. Please enjoy your free trial and experience the convenience of seamless control with MASSO, both on your mobile and desktop.

myWorkshop Pro APP

myWorkshop Pro is an APP that allows your MASSO controller to be monitored remotely from your Mobile device or PC.

It is supported on iPhones, iPads, android phones and tablets, and as long as you have an internet connection you can check up on your machine status from anywhere.

With the myWorkshop Pro App you can see the progress of your project and the machine status on your phone.

You can receive notifications for any alarms as they happen and MASSO can send custom messages to the app using the new Messaging Gcode commands.


Downloading myWorkshop Pro

Logging in

After downloading and installing you will be asked to log in.

The first screen you see after login is the Devices page which shows all of your MASSO controllers in real time.

The Tabs along the top of the devices page allow you to separate out the machines by status. 

You can choose between All machines, idle machines, those showing Alarms, those that are currently machining and offline machines.

You can select the machine you want to view in more detail by tapping on the desired machine and it will bring it up full screen.

Turns notification alerts on and of.

View messages specific to this machine

View all messages across all machines

Go to User Account page

Go to Devices page

This page gives additional details on the machine such as the number of parts made, the Machining time for the current job being run and the File name of currently being run.

Progress Bar.

The color of the bar changes depending on the machine Status.

Green - Machining

Orange - Machine idle

Black - Machine offline

Red - Machine in an alarm state

Machine Status

The color of the Status bar changes depending on the machine Status.

Green - Machining

Orange - Machine idle

Gray - Machine offline

Red - Machine in an alarm state

Reset the Parts made value back to 0.

This is used to count the number of parts made in a production run.

From this page, you can change your password, upload a photo for your Account and log out of the myWorkshop Pro APP

Permission to use your device Camera and make changes will need to be authorized to make full use of this page.

Change profile image

Change your myWorkshop login Password

Log out of myWorkshop Pro

The messages page displays messages for all of your machines in one place.

You can view each message and mark it as read by clicking on it.

An unread message shows as Gray while a read message changes to dark Gray.

Messages can be scrolled through by swiping up and down to look through the messages.

This will mark all messages in the Messages page as read.

This will delete all messages from the Messages page


You can also view your MASSO from within myWorkshop

When you login into myWorkshop you will automatically see the Dashboard with all of your machines and their status.

You can then select which one you would like to view in more detail by pressing the Live Data button

This will open a larger view of the selected machine

This takes you to the settings page for this machine where you can upload an image for the machine. Images must be JPG or PNG and less than 5Mb. See Below:

Click here to upload a photo of your machine to display in the machine view.

Click to upload your machine photo. Images must be JPG or PNG and less than 5Mb and for the best result use a square image.