Adding a DTHC

DTHC Linking

Users can now assign a DTHC device that has been purchased to a controller from my Workshop

Once logged into your my Workshop you can do the following to manage and link an Add-on DTHC device.

  • Select Devices menu on the top and then select Add-on Devices from the left side bar.
  • You will see a list of DTHC serial numbers that you have purchased.
  • Check your DTHC serial number and select Link now to link a DTHC to a controller as indicated in the image below.

  • This will open a window from right side of screen. Enter the Controller serial number to be linked.
  • Click the "Link Now" button as indicated in image below.

WARNING: Please be careful as once the DTHC module is linked, it cannot be unlinked.

  • There will be a pop up window saying “The assignment once done, cannot be revoked. Are you sure you want to continue?” Meaning once the DTHC module is linked, it cannot be unlinked.
  • Select Yes to link.

• Once linked there will be a pop up saying “Linking successful”

• Once the add-on device has been linked, the serial number should appear under Controller Mapped for the DTHC serial number you have linked it to.

• You can now download the new software for the controller from my Workshop and load it into MASSO. It will now include the DTHC software add-on highlighted below.

The DTHC will not work until this new software version is loaded onto MASSO.