WABECO 8 Tool Turret

INFORMATION: This tool changer is only available on MASSO-G3 software v4.0 and above.

Setting up the tool changer

  • Go to F1-Setup screen and open the Tool Changer window.
  • From the list select Press enter to open Tool Changer list and select the WABECO 8 Tool Turret from the list and double click it to open the below settings window.

The Feed rate is in tools per minute.

To work out how long it will take for the tool changer to do one full revolution use the following formula

60 seconds in a minute / Feedrate: tools per minute x 8 tools in the tool changer = Time in seconds for one full revolution

Acceleration rate of the stepper motor in tools per sec ^2

The number of steps required to move between tool position

Once the required tool position has been reached this is the number steps are required to move pass the tool lock position to ensure that when the tool changer reverses it will lock into position.

This is the number of steps required to reverse and lock the tool into position

Tool changer logic

After all the axis of the machine have been homed as per the homing sequence, the tool changer logic will start rotating the stepper motor for the turret till a home (Tool 0) signal is received.

If a valid tool home signal is not received in one full revolution, the controller will display an alarm on the screen.

On a tool change request, MASSO will start rotating the turret stepper motor till the desired tool has been loaded into position.

"Tool Changer - Output 1" means Tool Change - 1 and it is an output

"Tool Changer - Input 1" means Tool Changer -1 and it is an Input

Note: Any tool changer input or output can be assigned to any Input or Output on MASSO. The tool changer number does not refer to an actual input or output port.

Input Signals

Wire the homing sensor input and assign it to MASSO as below:

  • Tool Changer - Input 1 for Turret home position sensor.

Output Signals

The turret stepper motor's STEP and DIRECTION signals should be wired to the MASSO Y-axis STEP and DIRECTION connector.

Tool Numbering