G00 - Rapid Motion

This command is used to move one or more axis at the maximum feedrate to a specified location. If multiple axis are called they will all move together to the desired location in a straight line and arrive at the same time. The axis can be linear, angular or a combination of both.

Syntax & Parameters

G00 followed by the axis you wish to move and it’s coordinate. Multiple axis may be specified on the same line.

X, Y, Z, A, B Value – specifies the axis you wish to move following the distance to move. The distance value will be the current machine units in use.

U, V, W Value specifies an incremental move of the X,Y or Z axis while the machine is in G90 Absolute mode. U moves the X axis, V moves the Y axis, W moves the Z axis All U, V & W moves are incremental regardless of whether the machine is in Absolute (G90) or Incremental (G91) mode

Example program

N10 G21
N20 G00 X10 Y20 Z30

In the above program the first line command G21 will first set the controller units to millimetres, then it will move the axis from its current location to next position of X 10mm, Y 20mm, & Z30 mm in a straight line at the maximum speed the machine axis will allow. 

INFORMATION: Units are defined as either inches or mm depending on your machines setup or G20 or G21 command in use.

INFORMATION: The motion can be either in G90 Absolute or G91 Incremental mode.