Touch Screen Interface

  • As per special user requests to add touch screen support with MASSO, from software version 3.35 MASSO Touch Screen Interface USB was added.
  • NOTE: Not all touch screens with USB HID interface are supported, please see the list of supported screens below and test your touch screen.
  • Capacitive Touch screens do not work with the MASSO. Look for ones that use 4 wire resistive touch screen
  • Screen resolution 1024 x 768

Connecting the Touch Screen

  • Plug the VGA cable into MASSO VGA port
  • Plug the USB cable provided with the touch screen monitor into one of the spare USB ports on MASSO. If you have a G2 you may require a USB hub.
  • No configuration is required to make the touchscreen work. If the touch screen does not work when plugged in then it is not compatible

Please use our forum topic for touch screen support: touch-screen-interface

WARNING: Monitor internal touch screen interface hardware used by manufactures can change without warning and are outside the control of MASSO. This will cause a monitor that previously worked to no longer be compatible. It is highly recommended that if you are purchasing a new MASSO and require a touch screen now or in the future that you purchase the MASSO Touch which comes with a touch screen.

  • Cocar monitor 15? 150S
  • iChawk screen, Model: K120TC-DUV2
  • iChawk monitor 19" Model: ZK190TC-592R
  • iChawk monitor 15" Model: ZB150TC-59R
  • iChawk ZB190TC-591R
  • Eyoyo ZXD15 SKU:A1210AG
  • Yashiteng YJ150QR-1 15" monitor 1024 x 768 Resistance Touch screen (VGA HDMI USB version) Please note there are over 10 different versions of this monitor, only 1 has been tested.

Screens reported by users that do not work with MASSO:

  • ElO TouchSystems, Model: ET1739L-8CWA-3-NPB-G
  • ELO Touch Solutions Model ET2740L, P/N E220828
  • ELO, Model: ET1537L-7CWA-1-G
  • ASUS, Model: VT168N
  • ASUS, Model: VT229H
  • Kodak Model: KD15V700 15"
  • DELL Model: E157FPTe
  • Medion Model: MD20165
  • HP Compaq Model: L5009tm Part No. ELO E476049
  • EYOYO Model: EM15T
  • Planar Model: PXL2430MW
  • Planar Helium Model: PCT2235
  • Viewsonic Model: TD2421
  • iiyama Prolite T2253MTS-B1
  • Angel POS 15 Inch Pro Capacitive LED Backlit Multi-Touch Monitor

  • Eyoyo 15? LCD Touch Screen Monitor, Touch Type: Four-wire resistive touch.
  • Eyoyo 15? LCD Touch Screen Monitor with HDMI P/N 1901W Touch Type: Four-wire resistive touch.
  • Beetronics 15TS5 Monitor.