TTL Outputs

18 Transistor–transistor logic (TTL) outputs are available on MASSO controller, these outputs can be assigned different functions in the MASSO setup screen, please see this link CLICK HERE

  • These outputs are designed to be interfaced to other electronics for low current signals. The maximum allowed current load on each output is 5 (mA).
  • For controlling things such as actuators, motors or relays please use a driver/amplifier board or the MASSO Relay module which is designed to work with these outputs.
  • MASSO G3 outputs will provide a 5 volt signal when the output goes high and 0 volts when the output goes low. The output is reversed if you invert the output in the F1 screen.
  • MASSO G3 outputs have built in protection that prevent the output from sinking current.
  • MASSO G2 outputs do not include and protection on the output can can both source and sink current.

To control high load electronics use the MASSO relay module CLICK HERE

CAUTION: Connecting high current devices such as motors or relays to these outputs will damage the controller.

CAUTION: Do not use cheap relay modules as they are known to feed back voltages into MASSO and completely destroying the controller.

INFORMATION: All output signals can be easily inverted by selecting the input in the OUTPUTS list and pressing the space-bar key on the keyboard to invert the input signal. These settings are automatically saved.