M06.1 - Tool Unload

This feature is currently under development

This feature allows the user to unload the existing tool from the spindle without picking up a new tool.

This can be useful if changing to a different head and you require the tool the be removed to provide extra clearance.

Currently only works in Linear tool changer in version 5.100b software

Syntax & Parameters

  • M06.1
  • M6.1 - The same as M06.1

Example program

N10 M05
N20 M06.1

In above program the M05 stops the spindle then the current tool is unloaded from the spindle automatically if using a tool changer and no new tool is picked up.

If using manual tool change the spindle will move to the tool change position for the user to remove the tool.

When a new tool is required in the spindle use the standard Txx M06 Gcode command to load a new tool.