What is MASSO?

MASSO is an embedded 5 Axis CNC controller. It is a stand-alone controller with built-in processor, motion controller, spindle control, WiFi, and I/O interfaces. MASSO comes with software to run Mill / Router, Plasma, Laser, Waterjet, Lathe and other machines.

How many axis does MASSO have?

All MASSO controllers are 5 axis

How many Outputs does MASSO have?

MASSO G3 & MASSO Touch has 18 TTL level outputs which source current only 5 volts @ 5ma.

MASSO G2 has 16 TTL outputs which both source and sink current 5 volts @5ma.

The TTL outputs on the MASSO G3, MASSO Touch and the MASSO G2 can be used with the MASSO TTL Relay module https://www.masso.com.au/product/relay-module/

How many Inputs does MASSO have?

MASSO G3 & MASSO Touch have 24 optically isolated inputs and can be used with 5 to 24 volts inputs.

MASSO G2 has 32 optically isolated inputs and can be used with 5 to 24 volts inputs.

Where can I get download MASSO controller software?

When you purchase your MASSO controller, an account for MASSO myWorkshop is created for you to manage controllers and software. If the unit was purchased through a machine manufacturer or a distributor then your myWorkshop account will be created by them. If for some reason you haven't received the myWorkshop details, email support with your MASSO serial number and email address. We will send you login details of your myWorkshop account where you can download your software. All current software and future software updates are available in Myworkshop https://docs.masso.com.au/my-workshop

Can you send a trial version of the software or can I run the MASSO software on a PC?

MASSO is a stand-alone hardware unit and the software can only run on the MASSO controller hardware, hence the software can't be run on a PC.

Do I need motor drives for my motors ?

Yes, you will need motor drives, MASSO outputs STEP\PULSE and DIRECTION signals which will then be connected to your stepper or servo motor drives. Each of these requires different drive technologies and the drive must be matched to the motor for optimum performance.

What is the difference between MASSO G3 and MASSO Touch?

I have a Mill ,Plasma and Lathe, can I use MASSO to run multiple machines?

  • Yes, MASSO can be used to run Mill, Plasma or Lathe. When you purchase your MASSO you are given access to all software and can change between software when you power on your MASSO. 
  • Each software version has its own personal configuration file which you can load when you load the software
  • The process to change between software and load the configuration file takes approximately 90 seconds from start to ready to run.
  • There is no extra cost for using multiple software's on one MASSO controller.

Can I load a DXF file into MASSO

No, MASSO is a CNC controller and uses only Gcode. You need to write or use CAM software to create your Gcode 

Where can I get a post processor for my CAM software?

MASSO has links to some CAM software post processors in the documentation.

If your supplier is not listed please contact them and ask if they have a post-processor available or if they can write one for the MASSO CNC Controller.


Can I transfer Gcode files from my computer to MASSO over a network?

  • Yes, MASSO can connect to your computer via WiFi network and by using MASSO Link software. This will allow you to send files to MASSO, download the tool table from MASSO and monitor progress and alarms while it is machining.
  • MASSO Link is available for PC, macOS and Linux https://docs.masso.com.au/getting-started-guides/machining-with-masso/wi-fi-connectivity

How easy is MASSO to set up?

  • This is a hard question to answer as it depends on the person doing it and their level of understanding. To assist with the initial setup we have published quick start guides on each machine type and other useful subjects. We also have a forum where users can ask questions about their builds.
  • MASSO makes things easier as there is no need for the user to source a PC, motion controller and interface boards, load the software and drivers for each and then troubleshoot for compatibility issues. MASSO provides all of these in a single package ready for use.
  • https://docs.masso.com.au/quick-start-guides

Can MASSO be used for equipment other than CNC machines?

Yes. MASSO is an easily programmable controller that has inputs, outputs and precision motor control. If your application has needs for these functions then MASSO may be suitable. MASSO has the ability to autoload a program on powerup and run the program in an infinite loop making it suitable for many applications.

What USB ports does MASSO have?

MASSO G3 & MASSO Touch have four USB A ports. The ports are USB2 which will work with USB3 flash drives and hardware which is backwards compatible. MASSO does not have USB C ports.

What is the Maximum file size you can run with MASSO?

MASSO can run Gcode files up to 4Gb in size. There is no limits on the number of lines in the Gcode MASSO can run as long as the file does not exceed 4Gb.