M11 – Chuck Or Rotary Table Clamp Open

This command sets the Chuck Clamp output to High.

This is considered in MASSO logic as the Chuck Clamp being open

CAUTION: For safety this output HIGH means the clamp is open and an interlock signal from the spindle drive must be wired for safety so that the clamp does not open while the chuck is spinning.

Syntax & Parameters

  • M11

Example program

N10 M11 

In this example the Chuck Clamp is opened.

If you try and start the spindle while the Chuck Clamp is open you will see the following Message.

Pressing OK will remove the message.

To continue you need to close the Chuck Clamp and manually start the Spindle before pressing Cycle Start if you are running Gcode program.

CAUTION: If you run your program with the Chuck clamp open the spindle will not start and the program will continue with the spindle off. This may cause damage to your machine or work.