M03 – Laser output enable with motion

This command enables the laser engraving PWM output at the level specified by the S command.

This command is used for engraving applications such as photos dither dithered of Grayscale.

It is important to note that the M03 command works with motion and the PWM output level will not change until there is motion from 1 or more axis.

If immediate turning on of the Laser is required without motion then use M04

Syntax & Parameters

  • M03 - Laser enabled with motion. Can be used or without S value.
  • M3 - The same as M03
  • S - The S value can be 0 to 1000 and defines the PWM power level of 0 to 100%. If the S value is not given then the last S value is automatically used.

Example program

N10 G0 X0 Y0
N20 M03 S500
N30 G1 X10 Y10 F1000 
N40 G1 X20 Y10 S800
N50 M5

In this example

N10 - Move to X0 Y0 at rapid speed

N20 - Laser power output enabled at 50% - Laser remains off as there has been no motion

N30 - Axis moves to X10 Y10 with laser on at power level 50% at a feed rate of 1000

N40 - Axis moves to X20 Y10 with laser on at power level 80%

N50 - Laser turns off

Also See G200 - Laser Parameters for additional functionality