G200 - Laser Parameters

This feature is available in version 5.100.14a or higher

This command defines the parameters for Laser

It can be placed in the Gcode file to define Laser behavior

To access the Laser screen you must select Tool 111. In MDI enter T111 M6 to change to the Plasma screen.

Include T111 M6 to your Gcode files to ensure you are using the Laser tool.

INFORMATION: This Gcode is not available for MASSO G2

Syntax & Parameters


  • G200 uses the values to populate the Plasma parameters tab
  • Q ValueMinimum Laser power output level with Power Ramping

Example program

N10 G200 Q50

Minimum Power Level set to 5% with power ramping enabled


G200 defines for the Laser tool behaves.

The default for MASSO Laser is G200 is turned off.

Using G200 with a Q parameter turns it on

Using G200 with no parameter turns it off.

G200 works with M03 only. It has no effect when used with M04.

Q- Minimum power with Power Ramping

N10 G200 Q0
N20 X100 F1000 S800

Minimum Laser power level set to 0%

The Chart below shows ramping of the axis as it accelerates from 0 to 1000mm to reach full power of 80% of the lasers maximum power output or 100% of the Laser requested power.

INFORMATION: G200 does not work with the M04 (M4) Gcode command